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Walk the Atlantic Ocean Road (Atlanterhavsvegen)

The Atlantic Road is known as "The Ocean Road," with seven bridges that enable the highway to follow the islands like a snake in the ocean.

The ocean has been of excellent significance in Norway for centuries, both as a means of transportation as well as for sector, leisure and events. For generations, the fishing sector has been of excellent significance in the societies near the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Road is not only an improvement in the transportation of products for the fishing sector, it is also a wonderful trip for anyone who wishes to experience the distinctive mixture of nature and engineering by vehicle, foot or bicycle.

The island's parts are moist marshland and susceptible to pedestrian traffic, so kindly follow the well-marked paths. The high walking trail was built of pole-secured latticework, almost flying above the ground. There is also a Service Centre with a kiosk, an information stand, facilities and a car park.

At Eldhusøya in Averøy, the high hiking trail will bring you around the island, almost climbing to the peak. The perspective is distinctive from here, and the trek is appropriate for all ages.


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