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Ausable Chasm New York State

Nicknamed the East's Grand Canyon, Ausable Chasm in the Adirondacks is a must-see attraction. The 150-foot deep chasm for outdoor enthusiasts and families is full of activities. Here you will find some of the best adventure trails, climbing rocks and river rafting in the area. With interpretive signage, the rim and inner canyon walk are enhanced. Family-friendly river rafting takes you down a two-mile route through the lower canyon. For all skills and high performance mountain bike rentals, a Mountain Bike Center offers 15 miles of bike trails. There is also camping in Ausable Chasm.

Many visitors who drive through Au Sable NY may think when they stop at the parking lot near the Ausable Chasm bridge they've seen the chasm. From there, walking to the Ausable Chasm bridge is easy and watching Rainbow falls down. This point lets you see this 2,2-mile gorge's first few hundred feet. But unless you go through the visitor center and make the climb down to Ausable Chasm, you'll never know how awesome it really is. 

Guests have access to the Ausable Chasm trails at the basic entrance to Ausable Chasm. This set of walking and hiking trails is suitable for all ages. The Ausable Chasm trails combine a gentle forest walk along the gorge rim with energetic hikes over craggy rocks through the chasm's dry sections where water no longer flows. In many sections, there are no safety rails, but the trails are wide enough that keeping back from the ledge is easy. In these waters you definitely don't want to fall. 


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