West 4th Street Courts


AWAYN IMAGE West 4th Street Courts
AWAYN IMAGE West 4th Street Courts
AWAYN IMAGE West 4th Street Courts
AWAYN IMAGE West 4th Street Courts
AWAYN IMAGE West 4th Street Courts

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The 4th street courts are famous for their history. A lot of things are famous because they are  in NY because there are courts like this everywhere. According to some, this place has lost its edge when it comes to streetball, but if you want one of the best examples in the city, definitely check this place out, its right outside the ACE BDFV stop at West 4th. Just hang on the fence and watch the games. Its pretty small and almost always crowded (must be a lot of people with nightjobs). This is the courts where official streetball tourneys are held, men and women, and its enormous. Countless number of teams, all with uniforms, come to compete (there's refs, time limits, etc.) Its really great to watch, especially when I was bored working at the bar you just sit and enjoy. Another great thing about this court, and actually more interesting than the bball, is the handball/suicide/wallball whatever you may call it. We called a similar version of it suicide upstate, but you use a tennis ball or raquet ball or whatever and smack the ball against the wall and you have to keep up the pace with the other player using bounce numbers as a reference. Its a tough hand-eye game, and its fun to watch for a little bit before being on your way.

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