Avenue of the Baobabs


AWAYN IMAGE Avenue of the Baobabs
AWAYN IMAGE Avenue of the Baobabs
AWAYN IMAGE Avenue of the Baobabs

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The Baobabs Avenue is a group of Baobab trees lining a dirt road but a national highway in western Madagascar between Morondava and Belon'i Tsiribihina. The only way to get to Morondova's Avenue of the Baobabs is by hiring a taxi if you're not traveling on a pre-arranged tour like most (all) of the tourists showing up for sunset. But if you arrive around 3 pm, for a couple of hours you'll have the whole place for yourself. 

The Baobabs at sunset is a must-see experience. There are many places along the Belo Road to photograph these amazing trees. Usually, your guide can arrange for you to be there at sunset which provides dramatic images. Even so, the are was incredibly beautiful. Sunset was very impressive but there were so many tourists around that getting any really great photos is hard, so perhaps sunset it better. Or stop instead a few hundred meters further down the road (towards Morondova) where there is a beautiful pond with lots of water lilies. We wish we had spent the sunset there instead but I guess we'll have a reason to return now.

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