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Badlands national park camping

Camp at Cedar Pass campground, which has cold running water and flush toilets available. Each campsite has a covered picnic table. Cedar Pass campground is open year-round. Stay overnight at Sage Creek campground, which has pit toilets and is accessible only by an unpaved road. There is no running water. Each campsite also has a covered picnic table. Sage Creek campground is open year-round, but it may be temporarily closed after a winter storm when driving the unpaved road there is dangerous. This campground is free and, in some sites, horses are welcome. No permits or reservations are needed and sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis.Pack for your Badlands camping experience. In addition to your usual camping gear, bring a camp stove or a contained charcoal grill. Open fires are not permitted at at the park. Also, pack long lightweight pants, long-sleeve shirts and a large brim hat, and bring suntan lotion that is rated 15 SPF or higher. Much of the Badlands is open space with little protection from the sun.  


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