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Bagni della Regina Giovanna

This lagoon is amazing. There wasn't much of a beach, so would advise not bringing much as there is not much place to put ur things. We were the only people there the day we went. Would be difficult when there are more people. Wish I had brought snorkels though. We trekked around a bit more and there are accessible cliffs at the Roman ruin. Saw some tourists sunbathing on the rocks.

There is also plenty of opportunity for cliff diving (all heights up to about 10 metres). It scares the hell out of me, but if you like it, go for it. The Big One goes from the front of the arch into the ocean- where you will also find terracing for sunbathing, and a small crowd looking at the divers

A good substitute if the lagoon is too crowded. If ur adventurous u can swim in from the outside anyway.



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