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Relax on the beaches of Balos

The Balos beach is located in Lagoon in the northern parts of Gramvousa. The beach has the best tourist places that you must visit. The popularity of the area attracts many visitors. Therefore, by all means, you must visit the site to have good memories for your future that are worth your time.

Balos beach is stunning with the best iconic pictures of the western crate. If you go by car, you will walk about 10 minutes while getting a glimpse of the beach, this will give the first best experience on the beach, and you will love it.

The beautiful sandy beach is the main attraction point in Balos; it has bright turquoise water of the sea that has gorgeous natural surrounding environment. However, the atmosphere will depend on the attitude of people on a particular day. Here you will get to enjoy boat riding experience with friends as well as family.

Balos beach in Lagoon is made of exotic white sand with vivid blue water that gives visitors a clear picture of the sea. The sea, however, is shallow with warm water making it ideal for young children. Most of the surrounding places have a lovely pinkish color, decorated by a different crushed shell. Beyond the boundary rocks of lagoon water is more profound and colder, which is ideal for snorkeling. 

Overall, Balos beach is the best-photographed beach in the entire Crete. It is among the favorite destination for all tourists in Greece who love the beach. You can visit the beach with friend and family. Each group will have activities that fit their nature. After a long day on the beach, Balos offers modern and beautiful ragged accommodation that you will get to relax and enjoy the view of Kissamos bay which is approximately an hour drive from the beach.



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