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Banks of Yarra River

Start your day with a walk along the Southbank Promenade, a nice tree-lined path that goes from. The banks of the Yarra River are a wonderful place to walk, jog, cycle, picnic and relax. On the shores of the Yarra are schools, homes, restaurants, bars, town houses, shopping districts, casino, arts districts, rowing clubs, sports venues and stadiums.

Wide paved paths and excellent cycle trails allow simple access along the river's long stretches. On lengthy floating pontoons are some parts of the cycleways.Some extra sandy / gravel tow-paths through bushy banks segments where birds can be seen. It's worth taking some time to go along the banks of the river from one venue to the next to relax and watch the water traffic and passers-by. Large grass areas and official parks on some river bank segments. Tourist ships are accessible for brief journeys along the river to take tourists.


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