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Barramundi falls

The picturesque Maguk gorge is located 10kms off the Kakadu highway through a very heavily corrugated dirt track, where a high clearance vehicle is needed. A few distances from the day park area, along the track in, is a camp ground with basic facilities for $5 a night per person over 16. Further along the track, the day use area has a large shaded carpark with a drop toilet, if you intend to use it, bring your own paper and sanitary wipes. An emergency phone is also available as there is no signal from the mobile phone.

There is a moderately difficult hiking trail through the creek and up into the gorge from the day-use area carpark. Return trip of about 2-3 kms. Half of the hike is over rocky terrain so you can navigate slippery rocks, sandy creeks and uneven terrain physically. Hiking boots that are going to get wet are going to suffect. Pack a day pack with towels, water, hat and camera and make sure you take any rubbish with you as no bins are provided. You finally reach your destination after walking along the winding crystal clear creek that could contain crocodiles. A magnificent waterfall surrounded by beautiful cooling water and high rock walls. The gorge is quite deep, but there are places where you can find steep rocks. The water can be quite cold and a warning sign indicates that the sudden temperature change can affect your health so you can be weary of your own physical limitations.

Great swimming and frowning on some great jumping rock as well. The pool is approximately 100 meters long and approximately 25 meters wide. At the far end of a large 20-meter waterfall. There are more rock pools and more casacdes upstairs and another walking trail down the creek can be accessed. Maguk is a great place to relax and cool. To experience Maguk's magic, I would recommend anyone visiting Kakadu. 


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