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Bastei rocks

The Bastei is one of Germany’s most unique landscapes. Giant pinnacles of sandstone rock tower over the Elbe River and the green countryside. Spanning these pinnacles is a stone bridge, dramatic in its appearance, as it connects these towers of rock and then appears to lead nowhere.

The period Bastei refers to the jagged groups of sandstone rocks located in Saxon Switzerland National Park. Hundreds of years ago, the Neurathen Castle stood on these rocks. Now, no longer a great deal of that castle remains. It’s the bridge, Basteibrucke (Bastion Bridge), that is the vital appeal here. Tourists first started out traveling the Bastei over 200 years ago. First, a timber bridge was once constructed throughout these sandstone rocks, and later, in the mid-1800s, the timber bridge was replaced with the medieval searching stone bridge that still stands today.


Getting Here:

The Bastei is positioned in an area known as Saxon Switzerland, 40 km east of Dresden, Germany. This area, with its green, rolling hills and hiking trails, attracts a lot of outside enthusiasts. Travel south just a little, and you will be in Bohemian Switzerland, a picturesque place in the northern Czech Republic. The Swiss artists Adrian Zingg and Anton Graff gave this location the name Saxon Switzerland due to the fact it reminded them of their homeland.

The best way to get to the Bastei is by using a car. From Dresden, it is a 50 km drive that takes about one hour. There is a giant parking lot near the entrance to the Bastei. Parking prices three to 5.50 €, depending on the length of time of your visit. Just before the path to the bridge are memento shops, toilets, a hotel, and a restaurant.

You can additionally visit the Bastei from Dresden the use of public transportation. From Dresden, take the S-Bahn to Rathen (Dresden Hbf to Kurort Rathen, 33 – 46 minutes, a couple of trains per day). Once in Rathen, take the ferry throughout the Elbe River (1.80€ round trip, go to the Kurort-Rathen internet site for extra information). From Rathen there are hiking trails that take you up to the Bastei. Expect to have a strenuous hike with plenty of steps and climbing. We did now not do this, but from what I read, it takes many people about 45 minutes of hiking to get to the top.




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