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2.7 miles of scenic run from Battery Park to Canal Street

As an ex-NYC resident, I feel obligated to share this “not so much hidden gem “ of the City with you. This is a charming strip of "park" land runs from lower Manhattan up to Midtown. I usually took the scenic route from Battery Park/ Rector to Canal Street which is on the west side of West Highway. The views are stunning and the path is flat so it is easy to both run or bike or rollerblade. There is a beach for volleyball, tennis courts, mini golf, and fabulous art exhibits along the way. Bikes available to rent at Battery Park end and spots along the way. In most places, the path is divided into a separate pedestrian and biking lanes. There are many places to stop for rest/drinks/food as the path passes through/by several parks. During the weekdays this place is not too busy (for NYC) but weekend could get really busy so I recommend you to go very early in the morning or when it gets dark. Lower Manhattan is not as crowded as other parts of the City during after working hours.


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