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Paragliding in Voss Resort

The paragliding take off is located at 200 vertical meters on the right side of Hangursrestauranten. The take-off is located on a nice grassy, relative flat area that ends up in a marked triangle. Since the take-off is south facing, you will be able to enjoy all the thermals that the mountainside creates. Early in the day, you will find the thermals in the western corner, just to the left of the wind socket. Later in the day you will find them over the lift mast forward of the Hangursrestaurant. In the afternoon, the breeze will pick up. You will therefore get side winds at the take-off and it adds more risks to your flight. Problems during landing can also occur. If you pay attention to the lake «Vangsvatnet» you will see when the wind is changing. Generally speaking Voss is known for it’s extreme sport activities, but you do not have to be an extreme sport athlete to try these activities!


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