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Beach day at Cirali Beach

Are you someone who enjoys spending time on a beach? If yes, this is one of the best place for you to travel in Turkey. Cirali Beach is visited by many tourists from all over the world in large numbers. People come here to view the serene beauty of this place and enjoy their time with nature. 

The location of this beach is in the south western part of Turkey. It will take you one hour to reach this place by a car or a bus. Also, the place is ideal to be visited by people who love nature. You can spend your time here alone or with your family. Moreover, the species of turtles known as the loggerhead turtle is present here. Most of the tourists come here to witness this species of turtle. 

Furthermore, there are various other things that you can do here. It includes spending some quality time on the beach, walking your way to the Chimaera, and so on. The specialty of this beach is that it is raw in sense and looks. There is almost no development on the beach which keeps it beautiful and clean. The clean blue waters and the peace which is present at the beach is relaxing and soothing to the soul. The beach is also popular for photography and various other engaging family activities. 

You can try various Turkish dishes and food on the beach and the places nearby. Moreover, you can play and spend some quality time on the beach playing volleyball on the nets with family and friends. The food that you get to taste here is amazing and a must try thing.

If you are planning to go to some place where you can spend some time with your family and loved ones, you must choose to come to Cirali Beach, Turkey. 


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