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Beach day at Konyaaltı

Konyaaltı, meaning under Konya, got its title from the Antalya's history of being part of the Ottoman state of Konya.

The greyish beach is covered with small pebbles and this shingle makes it different from other beaches.

You can take a dip the cool water of Konyaalti Beach which happens to be a little cooler compared to other beaches of Antalya because of an underground creek flowing to the sea.

A walk to the west side of the beach reveals a marine animal park and a water-slide park.

The stunning views from the shoreline of the black and brown Bey Mountains that stretch out to the west and an amazing view in the far distance of the Olimpos Mountains, make candlelight dinners at the Beach food court an unforgettable experience.

Set against the backdrop of Taurus Mountains and the cliffs on either end of the beach, Konyaaltı offers a breathtaking scene for an amazing tour filled with swimming and sunbathing.

The results show that surface waters accumulate in areas such as pedestrian ways and playgrounds due to deficiencies in landscape design.

To prevent structural damage and excessive water entry, deep drainage and concrete or grass-covered parabolic surface drainage systems are recommended.

This new complex is only 500 m to the sea and very close to numerous of supermarkets and cafes.


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