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Beach day at Nova Mar Bella Beach

Along with Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella is one of the beaches created when Barcelona reclaimed its seafront with the urban regeneration around the Olympics. Nova Mar Bella beach belongs to the Sant Martí district and it is mostly used by residents from this area.

Nova Mar Bella beach is an easily accessible, enjoyable and family-oriented beach with special consideration for those whose mobility is limited in some way: it features parking areas from which it is easy to reach the dry beach, visual and tactile signage, and information, accommodated toilets, wooden walkways that reach the water as close as possible and accommodated showers with chairs.

There is much misinformation on the internet especially on the TripAdvisor bout this beach. Several posts suggest the nude beach and gay area is at NOVA MAR. IT IS NOT. Stick to AWAYN and you will find the correct info!

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