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Beach day at the Kinaliada

Kinaliada means the island (Ada) henna (Kina), about the color of waters that bathes the island.

Kinaliada was the holiday resort of Armenian bishops and Armenian from Istanbul, Burgazada was a village of Greek fishermen, Heybeliada was the island of Turkish and Greek “bourgeoisie” of Constantinople, and finally the biggest island, Buyukada, was popular among Jews and European from Istanbul, although each community is present on the island.

During summer you to get there on weekdays rather than weekends because they are invaded by the townspeople and the tourists.

You can rent bikes and ride round the island in maybe 30 minutes. Or - you can turn left and start walking to Kumluk Beach (Plaji). For no money you will have a beach chair and other facilities - and hours later you will never want to leave this Paradise close to one af the World's biggest cities.



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