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Beacon's Beach

Great beach because it's usually not very crowded and its a very chill crowd. There is a trail to get down to the beach instead of steps which makes for a fun scenic walk. For surfing and bodysurfing, I'd greatly recommend Carlsbad or Cardiff and of course, Windansea and Blacks as more viable alternatives. If you want to watch people or just laze, however, Beacon's fine, it's mostly populated by locals, without the tensions that plague more-accessible, crowded beaches in the area. Parking is a bear. The one lot available on the bluff above the beach holds maybe 20 cars ... and that's it. The streets are hardly big enough for the locals to park, let alone tourists. Bring your own refreshments and be prepared to walk down a zig-zag path maybe 100' from top to bottom. Everyone we saw had no trouble and people were very polite, but those who have difficult walking and climbing stairs perhaps should seek a more accessible situation. There are no bathrooms, no showers.. no surfing lesson and No Rentals no Doggo  


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