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Hike in Ulriken Bergen, Norway

Coming to Mt Ulriken needs to be on your Bergen to do list. You can hike up, catch a bus or the Ulriken bus. While the latter sounds fun it only has a couple of departures per hour. Where if you get a public transport bus it comes every 5-10 minutes. The public transport stop is the Haukeland hospital stop - bus route 3 and 4 serve the city from memory and it takes you to Bryggen in 5 or 6 stops. Cable car ride is fun. Tickets can be purchased as you walk in. It is self service. Downside is that there is always a line to get on the cable car as there are only 2 cars running. So allow time for this. Once up there you find a very small kiosk and a restaurant but also an incredible view over Bergen, surrounding fjords and mountains. And a gazillion hiking trails for you to complete. There aren't really any marked trails so you can kind of make up your own ones to get around. There are of course some suggested trails to do of varying difficulties. Beware uneven surfaces (rocks) and if it has been raining the obvious mud and puddles of varying depths.


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