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Visit Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

Bergpark Wilhelmshohe is a magnificent park located in Kassel, Germany. It is also called the mountain park. The park is spread across 590 acres, making it one of the largest hillside park in Europe. It was declared as a world UNESCO site in 2013. The constructive of the park started towards the end of the 17th century by Landgrave Carl of Hesse-Kassel. It took around 150 years to build the park. 

The Bergpark Wilhelmshohe depicts a perfect example of European landscape gardening. The park extends from the famous Hercules monument towards the Wilhelmshole palace.  People are mesmerized by its beauty. You can visit the museums here, wander around the park, enjoy the natural beauty or even bring a picnic with you. There is nothing more relaxing than calming your mind amidst nature. While wandering around the park you will see various temples, museums, a Roman aqueduct decorating the park, plenty of different kinds of plants and trees, faux ruins, a Chinese pagoda.

Inspired by the English model, in the 18th century, the park was converted into a romantic landscape. The most interesting thing about this park is its waterwork. Around 90,000 gallons of water flow through the 300-year-old build hydro-pneumatic devices. These devices are well connected to reservoirs and channels. This monumental water display starts at around 350 meters long, descending a long hill surmounted by a giant statue of Hercules. The water goes from the waterfalls and water rapids all the way to the grand fountain. 

You can easily get to the Bergpark by tram or bus and then walk uphill from there. 

The great size of the park, the romantic waterwork, the giant statue of Hercules depicts the proper aesthetics of the Baroque and Roman period. If you are visiting Germany make sure to visit this romantic world UNESCO heritage site. 



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