AWAYN IMAGE BH Urban Adventures
AWAYN IMAGE BH Urban Adventures
AWAYN IMAGE BH Urban Adventures
AWAYN IMAGE BH Urban Adventures
AWAYN IMAGE BH Urban Adventures

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Belo Horizonte (Direct translation Beautiful Horizon) is the sixth largest city in Brazil and has a lot of beautiful and cozy places.
This urban adventure starts crossing several points in the city where you can visit historical museums and cultural expositions for free. 
After this visit, you can appreciate the relax in the Liberty Square just crossing the street.

Another interesting point few meters from the Liberty Squared is located the central Park. 
It has several springs that supply three ponds and about 280 species of exotic and native trees, such as fig trees, jacks, bald cypress, flamboyant, eucalyptus, Sapucaia, and others. The space also has more than 100 species of birds among sages, egrets, parakeets, woodpeckers, hawks, saíras and other animals, such as small monkeys.  Here you can take a break from the rush life and appreciate the nature.

A very common spot in Belo Horizonte is the Central Market, it's the best place to buy souvenirs and try the awesome local food.

At the end of the day, a visit to the Pope square will me to understand why the city is named Beautiful Horizon.  

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