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Bike around Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park

If you are looking for an oasis where you experience nature, the local way of life and escaping Bangkok’s chaos the Sri Nakhon Khauean Khan is that place.

Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and Botanical Garden is a real green gem south of Bangkok where the Chao Phraya River forms a kind of peninsula.

The garden’s characteristic is a combination of public parks that the landscape has been arranged beautifully.

It consists of aquatic plants, local plants that are able to grow within brackish water and preserve the original agricultural garden which was the original fruit garden.

This park and botanical garden is a Greenfield that the government declared to be “the lungs of Bangkok.” A wooden bridge is for visitors to stroll on peaceful and shady area, including the 7 meters high tower view that can capture the whole scenery of this area.

Other than the botanic garden, there is so Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market which opens every Saturday and Sunday, Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery, and Incense and Herbal House that can transport around by bicycle.

This place is the best place for biking - there is a special road for biker and 90% of people came here for picnic or biking 



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