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Bike to Lago Epuyén

If you ever find yourself in the Argentinian Andes looking for a remote and at the same time breathtaking landscape, then Lago Epuyén is a place to be. A spot you won't find in your guidebooks, Lago Epuyén is down south of the small town El Bolson, reachable through the shores of Puerto Partiada. 

Hiring a tour guide who'll take you on a truck down the Route 40, after a half hour ride, you'll be able to enjoy the spectacular views of Lago Epuyén and its crystal clear water. Paddling on a kayak through the smooth and blue waters while observing the Andean peaks around you is one of the most vivid experiences that you can live in South America. 

After an hour or so guided kayaking tour, you can do a snorkel and touch the sandy bottom of the lake, witnessing minor flora and couple of submerged tree trunks. However, the clarity of the water and the shades of blue are worth diving into this fresh alpine beauty. 

On the way back, you might feel a little bit tired while paddling but led by the scenic views of the lake you'll forget about your exhaustion. 

In case your adventurous spirit needs more thrill after coming back on shore, I suggest you venture yourself into the woods and hike through the gorgeous wildflowers that will lead you to a roaring waterfall with a natural pool underneath. If you feel like diving in again, then climb the cliff, and jump into the refreshing pool. 

Lago Epuyén is an isolated kayaking paradise for the ones who prefer a peaceful place over a touristic spot packed with people. A mix of paddling, snorkeling, hiking, and waterfall plunging, this tour will leave a deep trace on you and will change the way you understand travel in general. Take a deep breath and let your senses guide you!



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