Biscayne national park


AWAYN IMAGE Biscayne national park
AWAYN IMAGE Biscayne national park
AWAYN IMAGE Biscayne national park
AWAYN IMAGE Biscayne national park

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Biscayne National Park, you see, is 95 percent underwater and accessible only by boat, so it’s not an easy park to drop in on. I found the best way to experience it, though, and it’s going to be available every other Saturday during summer 2013 — snorkel a shipwreck with a park ranger. I joined the first-ever Ranger Guided Maritime Heritage Snorkel Adventure in 2011, and Ranger Astrid Rybeck was bubbling with enthusiasm for her park and the new tour program. The only way you can snorkel at Biscayne is to take a private charter and pay per person - too much for what we wanted but it's not impossible: Your better bet on snorkeling is to drive to Key Largo and go to John Pennekamp State Park, though as I've never been I can't offer advice. I can say that I tried to do a boat tour there at the end of December one year only to have the tour cancelled due to choppy water, so there's not necessarily a guarantee for that.

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