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Bishop Castle in San Isabel National Forest

Jim Bishop was just 15 when he paid $450 for a 2 and a half acre parcel of land at 9,000 feet on the edge of the San Isabel National Forest, outside the tiny town of Wetmore. What an interesting man. I can’t imagine 57 years and at some point, not saying I’m going to give up. The hand-built three-story castle also has a fire- breathing dragon that towers over the landscape. There are no admission fees but Bishop accepts donations. Guests are required to sign the guest book that releases any liability to Bishop Castle. Bishop’s dedication to the castle is deep, regardless of any obstacles he may face. He believes if he had followed football the castle wouldn’t exist.

The castle constantly grew and ultimately become one to be known as the Bishop Castle. As the Castle grew larger, it gained popularity. Throughout the years, volunteers would verbally agree to help Bishop build the castle, but they would never show up. Eventually, Bishop stopped seeking out volunteer builders and decided to finish the castle by himself. It is known as the country’s largest castle that was built by one man. Another reason of debate that stuck in Bishop's throat is in the right place to the Colorado state Chamber of Commerce, which refused to list Bishop Castle as an attraction in its official tourism guides.


One of the main attractions at the Bishop Castle is the Castle itself. But, there is an array of things to explore at the Castle. Some of the tourist attractions at Bishop Castle include: Towers and bridges, a fire-breathing dragon, stained glass memorials and three stories full of interior rooms, such as a grand ballroom. 

Admission into the Bishop Castle is completely free. It’s important to note that people live and work in the Bishop Castle, so be mindful of that while exploring the Castle. Now the Bishop Castle is successively expanding by Mr. Bishop’s own dedication and construction.




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