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Freeman trail loop Blairsville, Georgia

Freeman trail is very rocky and is also what I call a technical hike. Trekking poles are a must. Your feet will get wet on this section. The trail ends on thw AT, turn right to hit the sheltor on top of Blood Mountain. Go early to avoid all the loud people. Amazing views and a great trail. The parking lot was full by 10am, but there is additional parking a half mile down the mountain or along the side of the road. The trail starts fairly steep and lots of switchbacks. When we came to the first intersection, we took the trail all the way to the right to the first peak where we had lunch, continue a little further for additional peaks and to the shelter. The rest of the loop was less crowded, and we almost missed the turn off. The sign isn't super noticable, but there was someone who had set up camp across from it so we stopped to chat with them. There are lots of rocks to climb over on the second part of the loop. Overall a great tough hike. I would recommend hiking boots, but can easily be done in tennis shoes.


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