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Boat trip to Melissani Cave

Greece is one of the most extraordinary countries in the world when speaking of natural beauties and spectacular islands. One of those beautiful islands popular among European tourists, but definitely not a mainstream touristic spot is the island of Kefalonia. 

Kefalonia is a beautiful island hiding a true natural gem that everyone should visit if near, and that is the Melissani Cave in Sami. 

The crystalline blue waters of Melissani Lake are perfect for boat trip lovers who want to visit the cave full of stalactites and stalagmites. Melissani is open for the public since 1963 after a major earthquake opened the doors to the cave. Nowadays, this is not only just another cave that you take pictures of but it also a concert venue and has constant illumination that allows visitors to explore the gorgeous interior of the cave. 

The cave is surrounded by dense greenery that hides the subterranean beauty of Kefalonia. 

Visiting Melissani Cave is easy. You can either do it by car or take a boat trip from Myrtos Beach, the most popular beach on the island. 

Kefalonia is the most beautiful among the Ionian islands, and it displays a unique shade of blue waters that attract a lot of people. However, the Melissani Cave is not a crowded place and it is a perfect half-day excursion for everyone who's looking for a unique getaway. 

Melissani Cave is the number one hidden gem in Kefalonia and a place that you'll never forget. If you decide to take a boat trip to this gorgeous place, make sure you bring sunblock, a hat, bathing suit a lot of drinking water, and sunglasses. 

Melissani Cave is once in a lifetime experience that you can't miss if ever visit this attractive Greek island. 



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