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Hike Palomarin Trailhead

Great hike. Pack lots of water and get there early as the parking lot fills up by lunch, even on the weekdays. This trail takes you to the top of the falls. There is a slide to the left (facing the ocean) to scramble down to the bottom. Going along the beach through the campground is easier but takes more time and you must be careful of high tide. The route is 9 miles round trip, not 8, at that's if you take the short cut. Without the shortcut it is 13 miles - round trip. Expect rolling and varied terrain. It is not flat. Take plenty of water and food, many areas are exposed - thus the great views of the ocean. Bring mosquito spray and long sleeves for the poison oak; it too is flowing. Best time to hike this wonderful trail is on a weekday morning. There is much to see before the falls, so be sure to look around.


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