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Experience Cherry Blossoms of Bonn

Although most people think of Japan when they hear the words ' cherry blossom festival,' you will find impressive pink blossoms all over the world.

The blossoms in question can be found in the Nordstadt neighborhood of Bonn, Germany, which is also home to the famous Beethoven House.

Back in the 1980s, ornamental Japanese cherry blossom trees were planted along Heerstrasse, and these days, every spring, the streets come alive with a colorful pop. Don't worry if you have trouble remembering the exact location; these days, many people know the area as' Cherry Blossom Avenue,' so as long as you can get to Bonn, you'll be able to figure it out!

The exact dates for the bloom vary from year to year, but they usually occur sometime in April. Unlike some blooms, which can only happen for a few days, the cherry blossoms in Bonn tend to linger for two or even three weeks. Check the website of the festival for the latest bloom news, as well as pictures from previous years. 


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