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Biking in Boserup Skov

Boserup Forest is one of the most visited natural areas at Roskilde. There are many good reasons for this because Boserup Forest is wonderful to visit all year round. There is space for outdoor activities, nature experiences, and family fun. 

In Boserup Forest, the soil is extremely lush and the terrain is hilly. The beech is the most common tree, and in the spring the forest floor is covered by a wealth of flowers, among other things. The varied forest is the habitat of many different birds. Only in the summer can you hear a chorus of bird voices from finches, nightingales and other forest songbirds. In the winter you may be lucky to experience flocks of thousands of cuckoo finches.

It is also great to take the bike in the beautiful Boserup forest, which lies right on our lovely fjord. In Boserup there is the opportunity to cycle exploration on the many fine dirt roads and the small paths where the whole family can participate. If you are quiet you will easily experience a rich wildlife and it is not difficult to get close to the many deer. If you want to be challenged a little, around on the 'blue' mtb track can be an idea. 'Blue' because it can be run by most - like a ski slope.

The track is about 10 km long and does not offer so many altitudes, but Roskilde's local mountain bike club has spent many hours making it varied and fun to drive. Always good to be more off. Remember the helmet and some water. Good trip!


The forest, which is listed, lies directly down to Roskilde Fjord, approx. 3 km from Roskilde. 


Marked hiking trail at 5 km. 

Path connection to Kattinge Lake. 

Dogs allowed on a leash. 

Bus 207 from Roskilde Station.


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