Brighton Bathing Boxes


AWAYN IMAGE Brighton Bathing Boxes
AWAYN IMAGE Brighton Bathing Boxes
AWAYN IMAGE Brighton Bathing Boxes

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Brighton has been Melbourne's favorite seaside destination for many years in the late nineteenth century. Brighton is situated in Bayside City, 17 km from Port Phillip Bay foreshore. The Brighton bathing boxes are a popular Bayside icon and cultural asset, nestled on Dendy Street Beach.


Port Phillip Bay and Western Port are inherent to bathing boxes and boatsheds. Much has been written about Victorian morality and its effect on the bathing and enjoyment of the sea. Because of this morality, bathing boxes had their roots not only in Australia but also on England, France and Italy beaches at the same time. To this day, there are European bathing boxes.

Because of their uniform scale and percentage, construction equipment, alignment of the sentry order and a Planning Scheme Heritage Overlay on a beach owned by Bayside City Council, the 82 Brighton bathing boxes are distinctive. All maintain classic Victorian architectural characteristics with wood framing, weatherboards and corrugated iron roofs as easy constructions. They stay as they were over a hundred years ago, as bathing boxes licensed. There is no connection to service facilities such as electricity or water.

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