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Photograph the Bunker Capbreton

Capbreton, a small town located in the coastal region of southwestern France, is mainly known for its beaches that are famous for their good surfing conditions. It's a perfect place for weekends as the coasts are covered with great sand hills. The area also has its historical importance as Germans considered it possible for their allies to land and for invasions. The Nazis built many shelters and bunkers around the region to protect against enemies. However, Allies never invaded Capbreton, leaving the blockhouses and shelters to become useless and outdated. As time passed, no one used or visited these blockhouses except for some graffiti atists and travelers. Because of its wide variety of water sports, Capbreton is an excellent place to visit when talking about extreme sports. Thanks to the sandbanks that create powerful, hollow and tubular waves, it is famous for its quality waves–ideal for experienced surfers. 


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