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Burg Eltz Catle, Wierschem, Germany

While the majority of people flock all the way down to Fussen to visit the overly crowded, commercial Neushchwanstein and miss out of some of the best castles in all of Germany, such as Burg Eltz. The fairy-tale castle is tucked away in an absolutely fabulous and remote location, a 15 minutes walk down from the car park. The structure remained intact notwithstanding the numerous wars in the Maifeld region. The Eltz family were masters of intrigue for centuries and managed to play friends with everybody to protect the castle and themselves. The visit itself was a bit of a disappointment as we had to wait and queue for the next guided tour. The German tour lasted too long and was filled with superfluous details. An audio guide would be so much better to explore the rooms and to shorten the visit, instead of waiting in each room until the group is complete again.


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