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Buxian Bridge

Discover Buxian Bridge in Huangshan, China: This short pedestrian span is also known as the "Fairy Walking Bridge" because it looks almost magical. Baiyun Scenic Area is situated at the west of Yellow Mountain Scenic Area. This area centers around the Diaoqiao Nunnery (or called Baiyun Nunnery) which was initially a Buddhist one in Ming Dynasty and later was changed into a Taoist one in Qing Dynasty. Around the nunnery are towering pines, clear streams and beautiful waterfalls, which draw a quiet and beautiful scene.

In a bid to connect the Baiyun Scenic Area, the Songgu Scenic Area and the Beihai Scenic Area, another scenic spot – Xihai Canyon (West Sea Canyon) was developed, with marvelous peaks standing in cloud and mist.

 Believe or not, but there were only few people there! very nice views, even several on the way there; not so far from "center"


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