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Explore the Caló des Moro

The southeast corner of Mallorca is one of the most attractive places that you can visit when you come to this magnificent island. One of the gems of this part of Mallorca is the beautiful Calo des Moro, a beach that local residents are trying to keep secret and mislead tourists from reaching this gift of Nature. If you ever come near Calo des Moro, you will run into signs that say that the road is private, which is not true. Every visitor is allowed to drive their vehicle all the way to the beach. 

Hidden deep inside the bay, Calo des Moro is a paradise-like beach that everyone must visit. The crystal blue water and the sheer cliffs make this place look like photoshopped for a magazine. The sand is white and powdery, perfect for spending a day sunbathing and swimming in the crystalline waters. 

Calo des Moro's waters are always calm and shallow, so if you are traveling with kids, you can let them play as much as they want without worrying they'll get pulled by a current. Calo des Moro is as safe as a swimming pool, so if you are looking for a relaxed beach with no stress, maybe this hard-to-access gem is what you need. 

Off the main road, you need to turn down the dirt road that will lead to a free parking lot, and then continue by foot. Besides this beautiful beach spot, you can also visit the neighboring S'Almunia beach while in the area. 

Calo des Moro is a perfect place for the ones who are looking for a secluded place for a daily excursion and don't want to hang out with too many people and loud music. 

If you are one of those folks, you can't miss this magical piece of paradise if ever visit Mallorca.



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