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Camp at Malibu Dream Airstream


This is the personal Airstream of a nature-loving Malibu designer who built it as his personal getaway from his busy hectic schedule. Stripped down to its bare aluminum studs, the airstream has been redesigned into a large studio with three large frameless glass panels that slide open to a huge cantilevered deck with unrivaled views of the pristine Santa Monica mountains rolling down to the Pacific ocean below.


Lounge in our luxury extra thick wool rugs and cotton poufs, drive down to surf one of Malibu's best breaks or go hike Sandstone Peak (Santa Monica's highest mountain). But whatever you do, make sure not to miss the incredible sunsets off our deck. At night, watch the milky way appear and count the constellations above or the moon reflect on the ocean below. And if the wind is right, listen to the sounds of the crashing waves travel up the canyon or even the seals barking down below.


And then at dawn, if you're lucky with the morning fog, wake up above the clouds like you are the only person in this is no reception at the airstream. 1/2 mile down below, where the paved road end (upper camp area) there is perfect reception in case you need to make a call.


This off the grid airstream means there is no AC power for electrical devices. The 12V DC system powers the LED lights and stereo / speakers. You can charge your iphone off the stereo but bring your own cable as guests take ours often :(


We provide a solar battery that charges outside on the deck and does indeed have AC power. Usually it will have a decent charge, but if the prior guests drain it with electronics, then it will take a while to re-charge.


There are two routes up to the airstream. The short one (not paved, you'll need an SUV) takes 7 minutes to the beach, the longer one (paved and gentle dirt road, all non lowered cars make it ok as long as you are a decent driver and know how to navigate ruts) takes about 11 minutes but is very scenic and beautiful.


If you are fearful of dirt roads, care immensely about your sports car, or are afraid of cliffs, skip this booking. For all other adventurers, I make it up with my prius without bottoming out no problem so don't fear.


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