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Capture lavender fields Plateau de Valensole

If you're planning a trip to Europe this summer, be sure to include a little of the Provence region of France in your itinerary.  

From mid-June to mid-July, the rows of purple lavender can be seen in full bloom rolling over the hills and into the sunset of this region. People from all around the world flock this region during the summer months, not just to experience the lavender but shop at the fresh food markets in medieval villages, dip in the crystal clear Mediterranean seas, and enjoy the sunny skies.  

In summer, the sun sets around 9:20 pm in Valensole, so if you're after that glowing sparkle of sunshine, it's best to find your perfect spot before 9 pm. 

If you are looking to beat the crowd and get even more of better views of lavender fields, then just before you get to Valensole, you'll face a right turn on the D15. Skip that turn right towards and instead, drive straight till you notice a sign directing you to Digne. This Valensole "bypass" is parallel to the D8 going northeast, and will shortly connect with the D8, and it's full of spectacular views. 

If you want to bring home a piece of this fantastic memory, there are lavender tuille shops around Valensole, where you can purchase a unique mix of products made with lavender. 

You can also stop at the distillery to pick up aromatic reminders of your visit here. Lots of bees and signs sometimes warn you about snakes in the fields, so be careful when walking out into the purple ocean.  



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