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Surfing in Cannon Beach, United States

The weather here is unpredictable! We just had four days of sun and warmth in mid-December. While we certainly enjoyed the sun break, we'd like all to know.. this is a great winter break spot not matter what the weather. Getting to the beach was a challenge. All of the streets that access the beach say no parking. We eventually found a small city lot in town and walked out to the beach. The walk up and down the beach was wonderful. It was low tide when we started the walk. There were sand bars, tide pools, gulls and crashing waves. The high tide slowly returned changing the landscape as we walked. Haystack Rock was visible the whole time. We walked all they way down to it and back up to the main entrance by the town. If you are driving down the Oregon Coast as we were, this is a must stop. Allow about three hours for this leg of the trip. Park in town and walk down the beach. You will find more beaches as you drive down the coast, but this was our favorite to walk along. The other beaches are more about stopping, taking in the view, snapping a few pictures and heading down the road to the next stop. Getting to Ecola Point and Indian Beach: Enter the park from the north end of Cannon Beach. From 5th Street, head north on Ecola Park Road for 1.5 miles to the fee station. At the fee station, turn left to drop down into the Ecola Pointparking lot or venture right and drive two miles to Indian Beach.


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