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Cape Flattery Trail

The trail it's self is packed but the views, amazing views from the vantage point at the end of trail worth every seconds of it. Go early if nice day as it was crowded on way back up. We saw what we think was a baby gray whale as it was white, close to rocks.If you feel up to it (this can be DANGEROUS attempt at your own risk) follow one of the random side trails down to the waterside and check out the tide pools. For older visitors or those with canes or other aids for walking (and yes, we saw several peel who fit into this category on our visit) it can be almost treacherous. Also, to get to the destination the trail is all downhill. Going downhill can be harder for many with older knees, etc. than going uphill. So be ready for that, too. Also, there are porta potties in the parking lot but there are no other facilities on the trail. As others have mentioned there are benches where you can rest.  


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