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Carpathian mountains

Romania's numerous natural landscapes supply various decisions for exciting outdoor experiences. Travelers will practice serene alpine meadows coated with several wildflowers, trek around glacial lakes, absorb the lush-green scenery whereas horse riding or mountain biking, climb curious rock formations, photograph fossil traces of fifteen,000-year recent cave-bear species, track gold eagles or different rare birds, study vulnerable flora, wander within the rural area, picnic within the fields, attempt your hand at ancient crafts, - or simply relax within the home of a village family and sample wholesome, country fare with do-it-yourself wine and plum hard liquor.


Adventurers and life enthusiasts who hear the decision of the wild will add these unique experiences to the highest of their activities list:


» recognizing wild egrets, Dalmatian pelicans, shiny ibises or another three hundred species of birds within the Danube Delta


» climbing the unusual-shaped rocks Petrel Dopamine within the Arrau Mountains


» Visiting the Scarisoara ice subside the Apuseni Nature Park – the 153.6 ft. deep entrance shaft results in some spectacular ice structures, as well as spectacular six meters high ice stalagmites.


» Exploring the Berca mud volcanoes close to Buzau – a stark satellite landscape of erupting mud.


» Taking the Sky route challenge — a trek round the Capra ice mass lake within the Fagaras Mountains.


» Paddling through the frothy waves of the Cresol Recede and Bistrica rivers.


» Trekking Retezat, the rockiest mountain geological formation of the country, home to quite eighty glacial lakes and over 300 flower species.


» looking wolves at play within the natural park of Vanatori-Neamt within the Stanisoara Mountains, once the searching ground of writer the nice.


Beautiful Fagaras Mountains Romania» Horse riding in the Calimani national park, renowned for its volcanic bizarre Shapes, traces of recent craters, and also the largest volcanic crater in Carpathians.


National parks cover intensive areas of specific geographical interest or outstanding natural beauty. 

They have a crucial conservation role and supply protection to several rare species of animals and plants. Additionally to nature conservation, Romania's natural parks conjointly play a crucial role in conserving native customs, ancient crafts, historical settlement patterns, and regional design. 


National Parks

Cheile Bicazului (Bicazului Gorges) – Hasmas




Domogled – Valea Cernei (Cerna Valley)

Muntii Macin (Macin Mountains)

Cheile Nerei (Nerei Gorges) – Beusnita

Piatra Craiului


Muntii Rodnei (Rodnei Mountains)

Cheile Semenic - Carasului (Semenic – Carasului Gorges)


Nature Parks


Balta mica a Braille (Small Moor of Braila)



Gradistea Muncelului-Cioclovina

Lunca Muresului

Muntii Maramuresului (Maramures Mountains)

Portile de Fier (Iron Gates)

Vanatori Neamt

Romania's natural areas captured scientific attention early within the twentieth century. The primary law on surroundings protection was passed in 1930; the primary forest reservation (Domogled-Baile Herculane) was found out in 1932, 1st|the primary} park (Retezat) in 1935 and also the first earth science reservation (Detunata Goala - Apuseni Mountains) was recognized in 1938.


Natural attractions


Iezerul Calimani 

Natural Reservation conserving the natural components of vegetation and that includes the attractive Iezer Lake edged with dwarf pine and alpine roses

12 Apostles, Red Stone, and Nefertiti geological reserves

Tihu falls – located at the confluence of Tihu and Paraul Umed brooks

Retitis Peak - from the highest, there are impressive views of Ceahlau Mountain and also the distant Fagaras Mountains on clear days.


Flora and Fauna

For those interested in botany, Calimani park makes it possible to look at 774 species of plants, several of them marked as rare: alpine leek (Allium victorialis), narcissus anemone (Anemone narcissifolia), and mountains soldanella (Soldanella Montana). In juniper tree forests or on soils of volcanic nature, the rose bay (Rhododendron myrtifolium) is usually encountered.



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