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The Best Cappadocia's Experience

With the slow pace of life in its villages, it seems like Cappadocia sees little change other than winds eroding the fairy chimneys (rock formations). On the other hand, as with conviction the Mt Erciyes towers in the distance, the modern world is encroaching here. If you want to live like a troglodyte, you should rock ‘n’ roll to Turkey now, before Cappadocia is changed forever. More so than anyplace we’ve visited, Cappadocia’s unique charm is intimately tied to the soil beneath our feet. Descending into underground cities that early Christians carved out of the hillsides, we sat on the cool stone earth that once served as a church. At dawn, we floated above in a hot air balloon, as the sun splashed pink on this lunar landscape that always reminds of us of melted ice cream. The eerie quiet as we float overhead was meditative. That eroded volcanic soil, which lent such dramatic beauty in the valleys of Cappadocia, also hosts a unique variety of grapes from which local wines are made. We enjoy them with the rustic cuisine of the region, like lamb stew cooked in a clay pot in a hardwood fire. At night we slept in rooms scooped out of those same hills, cave hotels with a touch of luxury. Exploring Cappadocia draws all of the senses to the earth. It’s hard not to dream of it.

What to experience:

Begin your day in Cappadocia with a visit to the scenic Valley of Fairy Chimneys. Walk through the Kaymakli Underground City, the place early Christians used as a hiding place to escape Arabic persecutors. Stop at Esentepe Hill viewpoint for an amazing view of the town of Goreme and wander around to look for the world’s best and fine carpets here in the street market all hanged with Turkish’s famous carpets. After seeing the Pigeon Valley, make a visit to the fascinating frescoed rock churches and chapels at Goreme Open-Air Museum. Visit the Avanos Village to experience handmade pottery and be enchanted by the unusual Uchisar Castle Village. Finally, get a chance to view Turkish semi-precious turquoise. Unwind into the night while watching the dizzying twirling of the mystical Whirling Dervishes while indulging in a free flow of soft drinks.

Goreme is home to the biggest Turkish rug collection in the world, so we couldn’t come to town without a visit to at least one carpet store! Galarie Ikman has 20 separate rooms and over 300,000 rugs. The main outdoor rug gallery is where the camels used to sleep back in the days of earlier centuries. 

Some antique tapestries are in poor form, but still cost a lot. This is primarily for enthusiasts as most individuals prefer not to have threadable tapestries. But besides tough use, with era the finest tapestry improves like fine wine. They deepen their colors and shine. Of course, your age has an effect on the cost (the younger= more costly), so you will want to figure out what age you want to buy.

If you are looking into just taking some pics for your IG then I would recommand to take a picture in Galerie Ikman however please beaware that this is a business that first thing you need to understand. The owner can make your finest photograph of the tapestry place. He's a fine photographer too but please just dont stop there for photo and act rude. 


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