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A stroll around Cape Favaritx

Cape Favaritx is on the north east coast of Menorca, and is a favourite place for walkers, artists, photographers, and of course tourists. There isn't a lot of car-parking there, so if you plan a visit, try to leave early or go on an organised tour. There are no facilities, shops, toilets, cafes, etc, at Cape Favaritx, so be prepared! The views are spectacular, not just the lighthouse, but the cliffs and seashore too. You'll get pretty good views from the car-park, and it's an easy stroll up to the lighthouse (which is not open to the public), but if you want to walk further afield, make sure you wear decent footwear, and take a drink with you. The lighthouse itself was completed in 1922, following years of disastrous shipwrecks and fatalities on the rugged shores. It differs from all other lighthouses on Menorca, in having spiral black and white bands - which make it very photogenic, and worth the drive to see it. Take lunch, and reckon to spend a couple of hours there.


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