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Cascade Pass Trail Marblemount

The views from the ridge high above Doubtful Lake make this one of my all time favorite hikes. Half the people turn around at the pass which is a nice view in itself. But the extra climb up Sahale Arm to the left of the pass is definately worth it. It starts with an ascent through a nice forest area, then breaks out to outstanding valley views until you get to the pass. A mountain range comes into view as you crest the pass to a very nice rest area with seating and a toilet in the woods near by. You can see the trail heading down the valley toward Stehekin. You then start a steep, exposed ascent over a ridge. Another set of outstanding mountain views reveal themselves as you crest the ridge and approach the intersection with the trail down to Doubtful Lake. This is a very nice glacier lake with a green tint and a clear view to the bottom. A long waterfall sends water into the lake. Stay left and head up Shalale Arm toward the glacier. We stopped at the last knoll and had lunch while gazing at the glacier and mountain ranges in every directions. The trail continues from here up toward Shalale Peak to a camping area over a ridge and next to the ice.  


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