Castle of Wewelsburg


AWAYN IMAGE Castle of Wewelsburg
AWAYN IMAGE Castle of Wewelsburg
AWAYN IMAGE Castle of Wewelsburg

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Wewelsburg is a Renaissance castle located in the village of Wewelsburg, a district of the town of Büren, Westphalia, in the county of Paderborn, northeast of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The castle has a triangular layout-three round tower connected by massive walls. This sleepy little German toy town has some fantastic and horrible history. The SS exhibit's Terror is free and very moving. It's extremely well thought out, and it's incredible the historical pieces. There are guided tours available, but I didn't see one in English. There are multi-lingual audio guides to help you through; however, most of the texts and information about items in Deutche, but not all of them have the English translation next to them. If they could do that for all, it would be amazing. Very informative and the video shows all sides of this terrible history. Entrance to the main castle is 3 euro pp and worth it. The villa is packed with items and theme rooms dating from stone age to the present day and again focuses on the history of the surrounding areas. With some incredible, priceless artifacts! Take the time to follow the tour and open the little drawers; there are some hidden gems in there. There are a couple of cafes on the ground for a break. 

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