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Catch the Golden Hour at Little Corona del Mar

At the end of a ravine Buck Gully in the Newport Beach neighborhood of Corona Del Mar, there is a tiny, but well-known beach called Little Corona del Mar Beach. The rocky area doesn't attract beach enthusiasts, but more snorkelers, divers, and tide pool fanatics who come here and explore the natural beauties of the marine life. The main part of the beach  is sandy, so you can enjoy a sunbathing if you're not into a tide pool exploration. 

For the ones who decide to take a stroll and learn more about the area, I recommend sturdy footwear, as the rocks can be slippery and unpleasant to step on, on many occasions. 

One of the main attractions of Little Corona del Mar Beach is the Arch Rock, visible from the shore. It is possible to walk near the rock, following the shore, having a great opportunity to make Instagram-worthy shots. If this beautiful outcropping is not enough for your adventures spirit, then keep walking the sharp cliffs until you reach a spectacular hidden sandy beach, that only a few people know about called Cameo Shores Beach. 

After enjoying a swim on this secret paradise, you can walk back to Little Corona Beach, where there are restrooms and lifeguards at any time of the year. Dogs on this beach are allowed before 10 AM and after 4:30 PM. 

Little Corona del Mar Beach can be reached when driving from Ocean Boulevard to Poppy Avenue. On this road, you will spot a parking area and a paved road that goes down to the beach. Leave your vehicle at the free street parking, and descend towards Little Corona. 

If you are in the mood for a charming beach experience and spectacular nature, don't miss visiting Little Corona del Mar Beach and all the hidden surrounding spots.



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