Boating trip to Blue Caves of Agios


AWAYN IMAGE Boating trip to Blue Caves of Agios
AWAYN IMAGE Boating trip to Blue Caves of Agios
AWAYN IMAGE Boating trip to Blue Caves of Agios
AWAYN IMAGE Boating trip to Blue Caves of Agios
AWAYN IMAGE Boating trip to Blue Caves of Agios

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The Blue Caves, situated in the edge of Agios Nikolaos and stretch to Skinari Cape, are a series of geological formations created naturally by erosion. The area, a hot spot for scuba diving aficionados, features a succession of limestone arches through which small boats can travel. It’s even possible to visit some of the caves, including the biggest one, Kianon (from cyan), where you can admire stalactites hanging like chandeliers from the top of the cave.

Seeking an unforgettable experience, it is worth to choose a small boat with a floor made of glass, which can get inside the small caves. You will have a chance to take a bath inside the caves and enjoy the beautiful scenery and turquoise waters. It is surrounded by nature, on one of the last unspoiled areas in the Northern part of Zakynthos Island next to Agios Nikolaos marina-port. The villas here are to be found on private land of over 40.000 square meter presenting breathtaking panoramic sea views, to the North Eastern part of Zakynthos, Alikes, Vassilikos and Kefalonia Islands. Here they have taken the paramount care in scheming the villas, which are all luxuriously and comfortably furnished using only natural materials which are in full harmony with the environment. Blue Caves Villas are perfect for relaxing holidays offering an abundance of recreational activities in the form of hiking, mountain biking, swimming and fishing. For the more adventurous there is diving in crystal clear sea, canoeing or trekking in the mountains, these make for an unforgettable experience. Look forward to this amazing haven, far from everyday life and the stress of city life, and introduce yourself to a unique environment.

If you want to admire this natural phenomenon, it is best to visit the caves in the morning when the light is abundant. It is also a perfect time to admire the whole coast and swim in the translucent turquoise waters. However, if you cannot make it in the morning, a later afternoon visit is equally inviting, when the sea takes on a reddish hue, due to the setting sun.


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