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Four Waterfalls Walk

Beautiful scenery and a route that isn't too challenging. Definitely challenging in places and that included the Ordnance Survey instructions for the walk! A footpath described as a track winding steadily uphill more resembled a rocky waterfall/stream comprising of boulders and was of a steep incline. The waterfalls are a fantastic sight and topped off by the weather we had made it a fantastic day. The marked trail is easy to follow and even if you stay off the trail and wander by the river bed (which we did) it is easy to keep your bearings and rejoin the trail (if you dont mind some hill climbing). I would warn people that it is a good distance to cover so pleant of water reccomended (sun block too if its a hot day, you will be exposed during a lot of the walk). The last waterfall is super! It looks fantastic and you can walk behind it and take in some of the fast flowing water should you day to dip your head under. A must visit attraction if you are anywhere near the Beacons and in fact if you are not  


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