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Boating trip to Caves of Remouchamps

Found in Liège, the easternmost province in Belgium, these are wonders of nature that will leave you mesmerized. Open to tourists since 1828, these are famous for an underground river that runs through the cave for around 700 m, the longest in the world. 


Visiting this place feels like a fairy tale. You get transported to a different world altogether. With a promise of lending you an everlasting experience, this place is full of beautiful surprises.

This tour is done in parts and every part leaves you in awe and admiration of what you just witnessed. With every step you take into this amazing tour, you dive deeper into the engulfing beauty of nature.


The first part begins with a 1 km stroll running through a landscape that is full of mysterious and fascinating scenes. This place was inhabited by hunters from the Paleolithic era some 8000 years ago. You will pass corridors that have backgrounds full of vibrant and lively colors that are a treat to watch. These corridors have a subterranean river running through it known as the Rubicon. You keep walking through these stunning visuals until you reach the big hall of the Cathedral, which is about 40 m high and can easily house a multi-storey building.


The second part is a ride on a boat through the subterranean river, Rubicon. You will see fascinating scenes all along. A natural waterfall spraying from the roof forming a nature-made curtain leaves you spell-bounded. All through this 700 m long boat ride, you experience the magnificence of nature and you pray this ride never ends.


So, come and be a part of an experience that cannot be described in words. Come and be a part of an experience that has no replacement. Come and experience the marvelous Caves of Remouchamps. For some experiences are better discovered than described.



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