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Caving in the Cave of Zeus

We all love to hear mythological stories and get inspired by them. In difficult times of our lives, these stories give us the motivation to keep working and keeping faith. Are you looking for a place to travel where you can get in deeper touch with the elements of God? This place is then your perfect choice to make. 

Tourists from various parts of the world come to visit this place and have closer look of the legend that is present here. Moreover, there are various stories that are linked to this place which people recall and love to discuss amongst themselves.

On the largest island in Greece, Crete, we find this extraordinary piece of Greek mythological history. Inside a cave, under Mount Ida, it is said that the King of the Gods, Zeus, was born and resurrected. The Cave of Zeus is a beautiful location, with an entrance that leads to a network of caves full of impressive rock formations and underground pools. It certainly seems an appropriate place for the beginnings of the greatest god that Greek mythology has enlightened. However, it was not by choice to be raised here. His father, Titan Cronos, devoted himself to devouring all his lineage to ensure that they could never question his power. However, despite Cronos, Zeus's mother, Rhea, hid him inside the cave so that one day he could return to overthrow his tyrannical father, as it was finally according to millenary legend.

Therefore, this place then became an important tourist attraction to the people all around the world. In addition to this, the tourism in this place is growing rapidly and with a certain level of pace. People love to come here and spend some time in peace at this place.



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