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Scuba dive at Cenote Taj Mahal Riviera Maya

Located at Tajma Ha on Highway 307, which leads from Tulum to Playa del Carmen this cenote is simply one of the most stunning places to go diving in Puerto Aventuras and the surrounding area. The limestone formations, the maze of tunnels and huge chambers of this linked series of caves are a wondrous sight. Even if you’re not an experienced cave diver you will still find rocks that glow when light reflects on them, and the fossils mesmerizing.  Thanks to the solar rays that filter through the thick jungle, you can witness an incredible light show.

In the middle of the dive, there is a crack in the roof of the cave with a diameter of 10 meters where the divers reaching the surface can admire the beauty of the jungle.

It is one of the best cenotes to dive with a bottle due to its spectacular caverns and the play of lights that are generated with the contact between freshwater and saltwater.

The maximum depth is 40 meters. It is considered one of the most beautiful in the area. It is open daily, from 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon. In it that can be seen - by the transparency of its waters -, not too deep, to the haloclines, that is, the meeting surfaces between large quantities of freshwater and saltwater at the bottom of the cenote. You can practice scuba diving and see incredible light games in its depths. An immersion will allow us to enjoy spectacular light games in its crystalline waters, in the same way as observing the different caverns that make up this cenote. You can enjoy and admire stalagmites and stalactites with their beautiful forms.



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