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Ceresio Lake

One of the most stunning subalpine lakes, with a subtle, mysterious fascination that has earned its popularity as a tourist area. Only a small area of the lake is in the province of Varese ( Italy), but most of it is in Swiss territory.  These lovely hills searching over the lake offer super views, and the lakeside towns and villages symbolize perfect places for travelers in search of a pleasant setting, in a green, calm environment. 


The Lavena strait:


Italy and Switzerland are separated by just a few meters of water in this charming part of the lake. This incredible herbal canal is a few hundred meters long, and it separates Lavena Ponte Tresa from Caslano.


It is also well worth traveling the Torrazza kilns, built in 1913 and now an essential episode of industrial archaeology, maintaining the memory of a neighborhood industrial endeavor that has been long abandoned. This plant is, in fact, one of the remaining of its types to have been constructed in Europe. The strait can be admired from above with the aid of accomplishing one of the viewpoints in Marzio as well.


Views over the lake from Mount Grumello:


Mount Grumello, with its remote position, provides a truly extremely good view over Lake Lugano. 


The village Ardena:

The village Ardena, above Brusimpiano on Lake Ceresio, is a peaceful contract in a stunning green setting attribute of the Varese subalpine district. A walk that provides no precise difficulties leads up to the village, starting from the lakeside, to one of the highest viewpoints in the area, with a panorama that degrees over the whole bay of Lavena Ponte Tresa, and throughout to Malcantone, in Switzerland.



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